Barrio San Luis

In the 1970s, the Intramuros Administration marked out an historical district in Intramuros, named Barrio San Luis after one of the seven barrios or subsections of Intramuros. The heart of this barrio along Gen. Luna Street and beside the San Agustin monastery are five houses: Casa Manila, Casa Blanca, Casa Urdaneta. Los Hidalgos and El […]

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Fortification and Military Structures

Fort Santiago Falsabraga de Santa Barbara: Named after St. Barbara, patroness of the artillery corps, probably built ca. 1739. Plataforma de Santa Barbara: Level area to mount artillery, probably part of the oldest section of Fort Santiago. Falsabraga Media Naranja: Called media naranja because its plan is a semi-circle, or picturesquely, half an orange. Medio […]

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Built over three centuries beginning in 1595, the colonial city of Manila is a shadow of a once vibrant and oppulent entrepot. This is its story.