Superior court. The Audiencia shared the same building as the Palacio occupying the northern half of the structure. The Audiencia had a large meeting room with three windows, a carpeted floor and twelve seats for the oidores (judges). The Audiencia also housed a jail.

It remained in this building until 1788, when the neighboring lot was purchased for a new building. The new structure was criticized as lacking solidity and beauty and its meeting hall too small. A bridge was built to connect the new and the old building, which has been turned over to the treasury.

The audiencia building followed an irregular plan and had its own chapel for the religious functions, which had been traditionally conducted in nearby churches. A tower of the building was outfitted with a telegraph much later. The building was destroyed by the 1863 earthquake and never rebuilt. The site is presently occupied by the Intramuros Fire Station. In the 19th century, the road passing in front of the Audiencia lot was named Audiencia. The road was a continuation of Calle Real del Palacio.


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