Colegio de Santa Rosa

Aka Colegio de Madre Paula. Initially known as Beaterio y Casa de Enseñanza, Colegio de Sta. Rosa was established for the education of orphaned girls by Madre Paula de Santissima Trinidad in 1750. The college occupied a lot in front of the Santo Tomas University. In 1739, this lot was occupied by a small residence, which had to be demolished to make way for the school building.

Madre Paula had come from Lerida, Spain to Manila with the expressed purpose of establishing a school. Beside the school a beaterio was built. In 1774, the school and beaterio were placed under royal patronage. Both institutions were later turned to the care of the Dominican friars, but passed to the Royal Audiencia in 1784, and then to a junta of alumnae and matrons of the city until 1886 when administration was transferred to the Daughters of Charity (Paules sisters), who renamed the school Colegio de Sta. Rosa.

Although damaged in 1863 by an earthquake and by another one in 1880, a new and bigger structure was built in place of the ruins. By the turn of the century the college was one of the more important institutions of learning for women. The building was destroyed by the initial bombing of Manila in 1941 forcing the sisters to transfer the school to Sta. Mesa. In 1949, the school returned to Intramuros but under new administrators, the sisters of the Siervas de San Jose. In 1981, the sisters transferred administration to the Augustinian Recollect sisters who run the school today. Although the post-war school buildings followed the modern style; recently, the buildings have undergone a facelift and the turn of the century facade of Sta. Rosa has been recreated, in concrete rather than in wood used in the original.


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