Capuchin Church

Capuchino: A branch of the Franciscan order, the Capuchins are so named because their habit had a distinctive hood. All its members sported full beards which distinguished them further from the Franciscans. The Capuchins introduced devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes. They built a small church along Calle Real del Palacio completed in 1894, the last of the Spanish colonial churches built. The design was modern in orientation, a simplified version of Romanesque. The church was damaged in 1945. The church site is now occupied by El Amanecer, which houses Silahis, and the Ilustrado restaurant. Photographs of the interior of Capuchino are found under the trellis between Ilustrado and the back entrance of Silahis.

After the Second World War, the Capuchins transferred their central house to Quezon City, in a lot along Retiro St., where they built a church in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes. Like the Lourdes of Intramuros, the church of Quezon City was Manila’s favorite for fashionable weddings.


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